Thursday, December 27, 2007

Woman finds Jesus's face on chimichanga

Follow the burn marks to an image now charred in her memory, "Right here, I see an emblazened image of Jesus Christ on a burrito," said Valenica Phillips.

Phillips says she's not crazy, not overly religious either. "I believe in God but, I'm not a real religious person," said Phillips.

Although the Sacramento woman was real hungry, she didn't dare bite into this. "And all of a sudden the eyes just started forming ..I ran to my neighbor," added Phillips.

Then she called in her kids, "And as it kept forming, it looked just like Jesus Christ," said Phillips.

Valencia got the chimichanga chills, "It was amazing...on a chimichanga!" said Phillips.

Tonight she guards the dish like a protective mother, keeping the chimichanga resting on a bed of cotton balls. It'll always, she says, have a soft spot in her heart. "I've had an amazing, amazing experience. It's been something else," said Phillips.

Valencia Phillips knew her faith runs deep, she never knew it ran deep fried. To check out of the video, click on the link below

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