Thursday, January 10, 2008

Cheapest car on Earth made by Tata motors - The Nano

The $2,500 car or call it TATA Nano-Rs 1 Lac car is scheduled for introduction by the Indian company Tata, swims against the current, with a rear-mounted engine, a trunk that fits little more than a briefcase, and plastics and adhesives replacing metal and bolts in certain nooks. The handful of people who have seen the car describe a tiny, charming, four-door, five-seat hatchback shaped like a jellybean, tiny in the front and broad in the back, the better to reduce wind resistance and permit a cheaper engine. The model appearing for introductioon has no radio, no power steering, no power windows, no air conditioning, and one windshield wiper instead of two. The car lacks a tachometer and uses an analog rather than digital speedometer. The car is light weight and is made environmentally friendly.


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