Wednesday, January 16, 2008

Tremendous weather change in the Middle East

It’s been snowing and raining heavily in uncommon areas... Middle East is known for its high temperature in summers and mild temperatures in the winters and rain.. its something that people crave of..

The people of Baghdad thought they have seen it all… What was unexpected is a snowfall… For the first time in memory, snow fell across Baghdad. It created a wonderful delight in the hearts of the people. A snowfall is something new to their place and they have only seen in movies. Snow is common in the mountainous Kurdish areas of northern Iraq, but residents of the capital and surrounding areas could remember just hail. And that, only very occasionally. They say it’s the first time in 100 years

Snowfall in Saudi Arabia... Unlike the snow flakes which quickly melted in Baghdad, the northern parts of Saudi are covered in snow. Some regions have been experiencing problems with water supplies as pipes have frozen, and livestock has died from the cold. They say it’s the coldest in 20yrs.

Heavy rain floods in UAE... Constant heavy rain has resulted in flood in many areas. Schools have closed.

Strong Chilling winds in the Kingdom of Bahrain.

Any more weather surprises? lets wait and see ..

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