Thursday, February 21, 2008

How to handle your teenager?

Teenage is the most crucial period of a human being’s life. It during this period a person undergoes both biological changes and emotional issues, so its upon the parents to support, love, care their child and to make them a living example to others of their same age. It’s a period of confusion, where the teens think they are adults and the parents treat them as their baby. What the parents have to know is that... your son/daughter is no more a baby and what the kids have to know is that they are not all grown up. Teenage can also be called as a fragile and handle with care stage of a persons’ life.

Parents often say that it’s hard to manage a teenager. Well, it’s not that hard. Read on … I hope this article would be of some help… If you got a thought, do share...

1. Show affection- they still need an encouraging pat.

2. Be an Active listener- Give them a lot of attention. Sit with them everyday, talk to them about their studies, friends, activities. Show them that you genuinely care about what happening with them. Assure them that they can come to you and talk to you whenever they have a problem. Treat them as your friend and respect them

3. No scolding – Don’t scold them especially in front of the friends. That’s the biggest insult, if you want to do so... do it privately not in front of their friends or others. Talk to them about the problems faced by other teens, tell them the consequences of getting into bad habit and or a trouble... tell them how it would change, ruin, control their lives. This would help your child know what is right and what is wrong.

4. Trust them – Give them responsibilities they can handle, Tell them what you expect from them. While making a family decision ask their suggestions, this would give your teenager confidence. Get to know their friends and be friends with them. It’s important for you to know which type of peer group your child is with. As friends influence your child’s behavior to the maximum

5. No lies - Don’t ever lie to them as you would be setting a bad example, most teenagers are likely to act like their parents. If you lie to them, they lie back to you.

6. No quarrels -Don’t quarrel with your spouse in front of them, as the teen would feel ashamed of you and are likely to quarrel with you.

7. No Bossing -Don’t try to boss over them or beat them. If you want them to do something for you, ask them politely. If you have a positive relation with your teenager, you could assign them work and monitor them without been intrusive.

8. No comparison- Don’t compare them with someone else’s kid or your own as they would feel insecure, hurt and would start to dislike you. When you are comparing, it makes the teen feel that you hate your kid… Some teenagers would then try to be like the other teenager or would turn out worse, its better not to take the risk.

9. No Detective work- Don’t be a detective in knowing their inner secrets. They would hate you if you go through their stuff... in order for you teen to open up... be a friend... as it would help establish a better relationship between you both.. I know detective work is required in certain cases; one way you can do is ask your teen to help you while cleaning his or her room. So you won’t be blamed as you were going through their stuff while they were away.

10. No overprotection -Don’t be overprotective as they are independent, some teens don’t mind parents been over protective but it would impact the teen in a bad way, the teen would be dependent, low esteem, low confidence and would not be able to take care of them when they are adults and would always require someone or their parents to do everything for them and would blame you for been overprotective.

If this article is read by a teenager, send your parents a link so they can read and understand. If it’s read by a parent, try to put these tips into use. Have a nice day!! Be a proud child and a parent.

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